All current families will be given the opportunity to register for the upcoming school year in January each year.   Open enrollment for new families will begin the first week of February and all available spots will be designated using a lottery system.  The beginning and ending dates for new enrollment and the date of the lottery may vary from year to year but will occur during the month of February.

In order to secure a spot the registration must be completed and the registration fee of $125.00 must be submitted.  If there are no available spots you will be placed on a waiting list.

Termination: The school reserves the right to immediately, without prior notice, withdraw a child from the school on either a temporary or permanent basis if:

1. The child’s behavior endangers the physical or mental health of the other children.
2. Tuition and/or other fees are late.
3. The parents fail to abide by school policies and procedures.
4. The child is repeatedly picked up late or left at school sick.
5. The program is unable to meet the developmental or special needs of the child, as determined by the Director.
6. The child fails to adjust to the school, as determined by the Director.
7. Current health forms, or other required forms are not provided on a timely basis.


All students enrolled in the preschool and aftercare programs must be up-to-date with all required immunizations.  A Virginia Health Entrance form must be on file in the main office by the start of the current school year.  Any student who does not have a health form on file may not remain in attendance.  Please see the below link with the required immunizations.



Tuition is based on an annual amount that is broken into 10 payments throughout the school year.  There is a security deposit that is collected at the time of enrollment that is then applied to the 10th payment of that current school year.  Tuition will be collected using an auto deduct payment system set up through Chesterbrook UMC Preschool.  Tuition payments will be deducted on the 5th of every month September through June.

 Inclement Weather

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: CUMC will use local school districts as a guide when making decisions about school closings and delayed openings.   These decisions will be made, of necessity, based upon the best available reports of road conditions and weather forecasts at that time.  Even if the weather improves or clears later in the day, the decision must be made by 6:30 am.  In making these decisions, our primary concern is the safety of our students and staff members.


Delayed Opening:   If there is a delayed opening Early Bird Care from 7:30-9:00 am will be closed.  If the parking lot is cleared and the Montessori School operates on a one hour delay, CUMC will open at 10:15 am.  There is a possibility that morning preschools classes could be canceled when there is a delay.


Early Release:  Early Release decisions will be made by 2:00 pm.  If area after school activities are cancelled CUMC aftercare sessions will end between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. 


Weather Related School Closings:  CUMC will make a decision to close school by 6:30 am the day of (if not the night before).  All CUMC families will be notified via email and an announcement will be posted on the school’s website at www.chesterbrookpreschool.org.

*Days the school is closed for inclement weather will not be made up.

Please check the website if there is ever any issue regarding inclement weather.

Sick Child Policy

Guidelines For Sick Children: Please keep your child home from school if he or she presents any of the following symptoms:

  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting within the past 24 hours
  • Diarrhea within the past 24 hours
  • Fever of 100 or higher within the past 24 hours without the use of medication
  • Unexplained or contagious rash
  • Sore throat
  • Ear ache or headaches
  • Pink or red eye(s) with or without discharge
  • Severe cough or thickened and/or colored nasal mucus

If your child becomes ill during the time he/she is at school, that child will be isolated and you will be called to pick them up.

Head Lice Policy

Unfortunately, Lice is an issue that occurs in all schools at various times throughout the year. It is vital that schools and parents work together to help control it when it does occur. If you notice lice on your child over the weekend or in the evening please notify the Director as soon as possible. This will allow us to begin the process of checking all of the other students in the school as well as notify the other parents to help eliminate the spread. If we find lice in your child’s hair (nits or bugs) you will be called immediately for pick up. Once you child has been taken home they may not return for 24 hours after they have been treated. Upon your child’s returning to school you must park and bring them into the office where they will be checked again. If there are any nits or live bugs found they cannot be permitted to stay in class. Contact information can be given to you upon request for a company that specializes in Lice removal.


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